First class

Mercedes S class long version luxury sedan

The Mercedes Bens S class is a confluence of elegance, performance, intelligent automotive safety systems, and innovation. Each seat is hand fitted with leather upholstery and the interior is trimmed with hand polished Burl Walnut wood. The electronic stability program ensures a smooth ride and laminated, infrared-reflective glass reduces noise and heat.

  • Superior Luxury & Style
  • New Body Style
  • Extra Leg Room


BMW 7 series long version luxury sedan

From the sleek, streamlined double headlights to the coupe-like silhouette and the elegant lines of the rear lights, every detail of the BMW 730Ld paints a picture of pleasure, performance, and perfection. Experience the peaceful and luxurious ambience of the ergonomically constructed interior with elegant leather upholstery and ash grain high gloss trim.

  • Luxury at the Next Level
  • Messaging rear Seats
  • Rear Seat Entertainment
  • Heated & Cooled Rear Seats
  • Extra Leg Room

BMW’s flagship 7 Series is a full-size luxury sedan that competes with the best brands out there, including the Audi A8 and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Did you know it also makes a fabulous chauffeured luxury car option?

The 730L offers a sense of intimacy on the inside with that classic BMW styling on the outside. Now you are free to enjoy a night out and let the driver handle the details! The hassles of Munich traffic, parking and the long wait times are extinguished when you choose to hire a professional driver, and the excitement of a luxury car just makes it that much better!

The rear cabin of the BMW 730L has been given a makeover to provide max space, complete with oversized doors and increased headroom. Passengers love the 12-way back massagers and comfortable climate control in this sedan, you will arrive at your destination feeling like you just left the spa. As you would expect, all modern technology and amenities are included in this package along with an exquisite sound system.

You can take advantage of the chauffeured BMW 730L in Munich with a free quote today!


Audi A8 long version Luxury Sedan

The Audi A8L is Jam packed with Luxury and Entertainment features. Enjoy the Premium Sound System and four-zone climate controls while you ride in unparalleled luxury and entertainment.

The Audi A8 limousine is the ultimate luxury executive transportation vehicle. When it comes to class warfare, this Audi A8 is the industry’s class leader.

Audi provides the most comfortable – high performance ride – while being pampered and chauffeured around cities towns or country roads!

The most sophisticated executive sedan Audi has ever produced. Sit back and relax in the sumptuous leather seats and stretch your legs, you’ll be treated to an abundance of legroom.

Give us a call to check the availability. You won’t ride in another sedan after you experience the Audi A8L



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Sunscreen blinds  

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